wh13 pete + myka bw

165 Warehouse 13 bases

I might make bases of the other episodes too, depending on my schedule the next few weeks and how many people are actually intersted ;)

tv show: Warehouse 13
episode: pilot
characters: Pete, Myka, some of Artie, a few of Leena
from: caps (untouched)

165 bases under the cut (12 more for preview)


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tw ianto

136 Torchwood bases

Well, after a certain character "left", I was first sad, then kind was okay with the ending though... still, I loved it so much! What a terrible choice they had to make, I felt physically sick when the politicians talked about how to do it (and still look good to the public) XD

tv show: Torchwood: Children of Earth
character: Captain Jack Harkness
from: caps, stills + promos (the promos had been photoshopped before I guess, maybe also the stills, but the caps are untouched except for the obvious resizing)

136 bases under the cut (12 more for preview)


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wh13 pete bw

icons again, finally!

Wow, my last icon post was last year, in April! I guess that was also pretty much the last time I made actual graphics, aside from bases. Since I've been away from Photoshop for so long, I'm a bit rusty, so I apologize in advance for any obvious crappiness in these I overlooked. I like them, but since I've made tons more bases in the mean time, I have to get used to textures etc again^^

Also, would anyone be interested in Warehouse 13 bases?
There were a lot of caps I kind of cropped but couldn't make into icons (they would've needed text or something, and as you can tell, that's not really my area XD)

06 Olde English Comedy (2 quotes, 3 animated)
22 Warehouse 13

04 Warehouse 13


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glee rachel

120 Glee bases

oh boy, has it really been 8 months!?! Wow, sorry guys, I really didn't mean to be absent that long again XD
Anyways, started iconing again, and made some bases that are ready to post, enjoy :)

tv show: Glee
episode: pilot
characters: Will Shuester, Emma Pillsbury, Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry, Kurt Hummel, Sue Sylvester, Glee Club together

120 bases under the cut (12 more for preview)


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boosh vince - polar bear dance

(no subject)

sorry, not really any new graphics to post yet, but this Saturday I'm participating in the Walk Now For Autism walk in DC, and thought if anybody would like to support the cause/me (=donate to them), here's how:

(click the image, it leads to my "personal page" where you can donate, or sign up yourself if you want to ;) )

I'm doing this partly because I have to (it's a meeting from the Au Pair program, and I have to attend those meetings), but also because I know several kids who are affected by it, to different degrees, and they're just some of the sweetest kids I've ever met :)

Thanks for reading, stay safe! :)
tw gwen

question + A2A bases

Hey everyone! So, since I'm slowly getting out of my hiatus, I wanted to make some icons... but I'm a little uninspired, and honestly have been watching so many shows lately, that I don't know what I should icon... Psych and Chuck are on the list so far, but what else do people wanna see?^^

Now, on to the bases...

tv show: Ashes to Ashes
season: 1
character: DI Alex Drake

69 bases under the cut (12 more for preview)


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